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Catholic professors blast Common Core standards

Catholic Schools
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A letter signed by 132 Catholic professors and scholars was sent to every bishop in the nation urging them to reject Common Core national reform standards in Catholic schools.

The Catholic scholars expressed concern that “over 100 hundred dioceses and archdioceses” have implemented the Common Core State Standards Initiative, which they said “would be a grave disservice to Catholic education in America.”

“In fact,” the letter said, “we are convinced that Common Core is so deeply flawed that it should not be adopted by Catholic schools which have yet to approve it, and that those schools which have already endorsed it should seek an orderly withdrawal now.”

The letter cites the critiques of “educational experts” who have studied Common Core and determined it was “a step backwards.”

“We believe that…Common Core was approved too hastily and with inadequate consideration of how it would change the character and curriculum of our nation’s Catholic schools,” the letter said.

“We write to you because of what the particular deficiencies of Common Core reveal about the philosophy and the basic aims of the reform,” it continued. “We write to you because we think that this philosophy and these aims will undermine Catholic education and dramatically diminish our children’s horizons.”

The letter went on to note that some states have “paused implementation” and others have “opted out of the testing consortia associated with Common Core.”

The letter said those who rushed to “adopt Common Core” are now taking a sobering “second look” and have “widespread regrets.”

H/T: The Heritage Foundation

Read the letter here:https://www.bizpacreview.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/Letter-to-Catholic-Bishops-on-the-Common-Core-F.pdf


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