Dad declared ‘unfit’ for refusing son McDonald’s dinner

A court-appointed psychiatrist told a Manhattan judge hearing a custody battle that a dad was an unfit parent for refusing to feed his kid at McDonald’s. The […]

Abruzzo, ex-ethics honcho spar over audit: ‘This isn’t North Korea’

State Sen. Joseph Abruzzo blasted the former executive director of the Palm Beach County Commission on Ethics Friday saying, “when a fish stinks, it usually starts at […]

BizPac Review
Photo Caption Contest: Is George Washington Crying While Obama Apologizes For Obamacare?

Editor’s note:  Here is a Photo Caption Contest from one of our guest writers, Myra Adams, that is currently posted on PJ Media. Today she is offering our BizPac Review readers an opportunity to […]

Catholic Schools
Catholic professors blast Common Core standards

A letter signed by 132 Catholic professors and scholars was sent to every bishop in the nation urging them to reject Common Core national reform standards in […]

Al Sharpton says MSNBC agreed he could remain a political agitator

Race hustler Rev. Al Sharpton claims his contract with MSNBC has a clause that says he can continue his political shakedown activities through his “civil rights” organization […]

Obama’s terrifying admission: ‘We are remaking the courts’

At a Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee fundraiser in Dallas Wednesday night, the president confirmed what the public has known all along — that he is remaking the […]

ted cruz
Sen. Cruz bill offers $5M reward for Benghazi info

After 14 months of waiting for answers on the Sept. 11 terrorist attack in Benghazi that killed four American diplomats, U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz introduced legislation Thursday […]

New book tells of Obama’s contempt for Congressional Black Caucus

You’d never know it from the mainstream media, but the tea party and the Congressional Black Caucus do have something in common: President Obama doesn’t like either […]

NW uniforms
ESPN panelist: National anthem a ‘war anthem;’ shouldn’t play before games

While discussing a college football team’s new uniform honoring the Wounded Warriors Project, an ESPN panelist said playing a “war anthem” before sports events, as he called […]

angela corey
Is Florida’s prosecutor too tough on crime?

What do you do with a violent juvenile who tells his pregnant mother in court he’s going to kick the baby out of her stomach? Or a […]

Netanyahu slams US deal with Iran; warns of ‘grievous historic error’

President Obama’s lead-from-behind approach to foreign policy not only costs the United States the global respect and prestige it once enjoyed, but it’s putting the security of […]

Jay Leno on Obamacare
Jay Leno: Obama ‘better off smoking crack than passing Obamacare’

It was not a good week for Obamacare. Not only did singers Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood take a shot at the health care law during Wednesday’s Country Music Association […]