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Soldier allegedly kicked out of cab for being a soldier

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A Nashville, Tenn. man was told to get out of a cab Sunday afternoon after only a few blocks when the driver confirmed that he was a member of the military.

Allen Pendley, as a six-year Army National Guard member, has witnessed hostility toward the military while serving in Iraq, according to Nashville’s NewsChannel 5.

“I never imagined coming home and having to deal with the same thing,” he said.

Pendley said he arrived at the Nashville Greyhound Bus station from Clarksville after a weekend of training and was about to phone for a taxi. He was still dressed in his fatigues.

“Before I could call one, a Yellow Cab pulled up and asked me if I needed a cab and I said yeah sure,” Pendley said.

But things started getting strange right away.

“He asked me. He said ‘are you in the military?’ I said ‘yes sir I am.’ And then it got real quiet,” he recalled.

“Then when he pulled over he said get out of the cab.”

Doug Trimble, President of Yellow Cab, told NewsChannel 5 he’s looking into the matter, but it will be difficult without a cab number. He’ll have to track GPS units to see what matches.

Trimble said if things check out, the driver will be fired and could lose his permit.

Watch the clip from NewsChannel 5.

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