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David’s Bridal slashes every employee to part time over Obamacare costs

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For David’s Bridal employees, losing your job over Obamacare is more than a veiled threat.

The national bridal-store chain, with about 300 stores in the United States and Canada, has issued a memo to its more than 2,500 employees notifying them they have been changed from full-time to part-time status and health benefits would be canceled.

davidsbridal1104The memo said the decision to cut all employees to less than 30-hour workweeks was necessary because of the expense of complying with the law, according to the website Weasel Zippers, which first reported it.

In follow-up reporting, the Daily Caller said it found store managers had been ordered not to discuss the memo and referred questions to company headquarters, which did not comment.

Terms of employment – accepting the reduced hours and loss of benefits – were non-negotiable and employees who wouldn’t accept the terms were advised to quit immediately, the Daily Caller reported.

The news didn’t take long to hit twitterdom, where gushing tweets about “making girls dreams come true” have been replaced by the Obamacare reality. Conservative tweeters are taking note.

UPDATE: An emailer describing herself as one of the David’s Bridal employees affected wrote late Tuesday afternoon to say high-volume stores will be able to keep one full-time salesperson and that though the terms of employment for other employees were not negotiable, those who chose to leave the company would be able to stay on the job until Nov. 23 and were offered severance pay that included between two and four weeks pay at minimum wage and cashing out unused sick time and vacation time. David’s Bridal headquarters did not return phone calls Tuesday.


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