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Can it get worse? Obamacare website gives out SC man’s private information

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Because a South Carolina attorney wanted to shop around for cheaper health insurance, he unwittingly walked into a security breach nightmare. Now a North Carolina man has all the attorney’s private information and is unable to enter his own.

Elgin, S.C. attorney Thomas Dougall spent the evening a month ago browsing for insurance on the Affordable Care Act’s HealthCare.gov website. When he got home Friday night, he had a shocking voicemail message waiting for him, according to America Now News.

“I believe somehow the ACA — the Healthcare website — has sent me your information, is what it looks like,” said Justin Hadley, a North Carolina resident who could access Tom’s information on healthcare.gov. “I think there’s a problem with the wrong information getting to the wrong people.”

Hadley indicated that whenever he entered his own username and password he got Dougall’s personal information instead of his own.

“The next page that came up was a page that prompted that I have a marketplace eligibility information to download. And that’s when I clicked download and Mr. Dougall’s information came up in a PDF document,” said Hadley in a telephone interview with America Now.

Dougall thought he was being swindled until Hadley provided proof including with screen shots.

“Initially I was concerned because I didn’t know if this was some guy who was scamming me or if in fact this was a guy who really had my personal information,” he said.

“And you can see that he’s actually signed in as Justin and it tells him he has notices about his marketplace eligibility and to download those and when he downloads it, the next screen shot shows him my personal information,” Dougall said.

A Health and Human Services official said in an email that they;re wirking to resolve the problem. “We are aware of this issue and it is on our punch list of fixes, scheduled to be addressed in the very near future.”

Meanwhile, Dougall is at a loss as to how to keep his information secure, and Hadley has given up altogether. He’s going to pay the penalty and go uninsured in 2014.

Watch the news report from America Now.


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