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Top GOP strategist: When opponent is committing suicide, stay out of camera range

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The GOP may have had all-time low approval numbers lately, but the Faith and Freedom Coalition’s Ralph Reed isn’t too concerned.

“What does the Republican Party do moving forward?” MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” host, Joe Scarborough, asked on Monday.

“The first thing you do, is when your opponent is the process of committing suicide, you stay out of camera range,” Reed said.

Reed said that Republicans must say what they’re for and not just what they’re against, providing an alternative plan to Obamacare. He added that they must have “winsome” candidates who are effective messengers and can attract votes from people who may not always agree with them.

While he wasn’t a proponent of the government shutdown strategy, Reed feels there’s a silver lining to what happened.

“They laid down a marker that this was a bad law that did not work, that was bad for the American people and over time, as they get the tactics right that will work down to their benefit.”

Watch Reed here via MSNBC:

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