Texas single mom’s ‘thanks a lot’ letter to Obama goes viral

Crossroads ObamacareA Texas single mom’s letter “thanking” President Obama for Obamacare, and all that it entails, has gone viral.

Yolanda (Lana) Vestal posted the letter on her Facebook page, and what started out as a way to vent, became a way for others to share frustration over Obamacare. The single mother of two blasted the president for increased taxes and lavish vacations. The post has received over 63,000 “shares,” according to FreePatriot.org.

Here is Vestal’s letter to Obama:

Dear President Obama,

I wanted to take a moment to say thank you for all you have done and are doing. You see I am a single Mom located in the very small town of Palmer, Texas. I live in a small rental house with my two children. I drive an older car that I pray daily runs just a little longer. I work at a mediocre job bringing home a much lower paycheck than you or your wife could even imagine living on. I have a lot of concerns about the new “Obamacare” along with the taxes being forced on us Americans and debts you are adding to our country. I have a few questions for you Mr. President.

Have you ever struggled to pay your bills? I have.

Have you ever sat and watched your children eat and you eat what was left on their plates when they were done, because there wasn’t enough for you to eat to? I have.

Have you ever had to rob Peter to pay Paul, and it still not be enough? I have.

Have you ever been so sick that you needed to see a doctor and get medicine, but had no health insurance because it was too expensive? I have.

Have you ever had to tell your children no, when they asked for something they needed? I have.

Have you ever patched holes in pants, glued shoes, replaced zippers, because it was cheaper than buying new? I have.

Have you ever had to put an item or two back at the grocery store, because you didn’t have enough money? I have.

Have you ever cried yourself to sleep, because you had no clue how you were going to make ends meet? I have.

My questions could go on and on. I don’t believe you have a clue what Americans are actually going through and honestly, I don’t believe you care. Not everyone lives extravagantly. While your family takes expensive trips that cost more than most of us make in two-four years, there are so many of us that suffer. Yet, you are doing all you can to add to the suffering. I think you are a very selfish and cold hearted man, who does not care what is best for the people he was elected by (not by me) to represent, but more so out for the glory of your name attached to history. So thank you Mr. President, thank you for pushing those of us that are barely staying afloat completely under water and driving America into the ground. You have made your mark in history, as the absolute worst and most hated president of the United States. God have mercy on your soul!


Yolanda Vestal

Average American

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Cheryl Carpenter Klimek

Cheryl Carpenter Klimek

Cheryl Carpenter Klimek has been a political consultant handling public affairs, political campaigns and PAC management for nearly 20 years.
Cheryl Carpenter Klimek


1,287 thoughts on “Texas single mom’s ‘thanks a lot’ letter to Obama goes viral

  1. mimi says:

    I understand where your coming from. But this america has been a train wreck before obama. . Hes trying but u cant please everyone. He didnt make you have multiple kids without a secure way to care for them. Stop relying on America.. how about u go to school and get a better job. Stop looking for someone to blame.

    1. Oldtechgeek says:

      How do you know she didn’t have a way to take care of them when she had them? Bad things sometimes happen that are out of people’s control. Who is going to pay for her schooling and child care while she is going to classes, and are you going to guarantee that she actually will get a better job? Lot’s of people graduate from college and can not find a good paying job because the jobs just aren’t available.

    2. Oldtechgeek says:

      How do you know she couldn’t afford the children when she had them? She did not “make” them by herself and sometimes bad things happen with people’s finances that are out of their control. Who is going to pay for her schooling and child care while she attends classes? Can you guarantee that after the schooling she will actually get a better job? Lots of people are spending big money to attend school and when they graduate, there are no good jobs available because of the terrible economy. Millions of people are out of jobs now because of companies downsizing and going out of business!

  2. Chris Lara-Cruz says:

    So many errors, and ignorance in this letter. Maybe she needs to stop watching Fox News, do some research and learn how our government works. She also needs to know that her party isn’t doing anything to help the working class people either, in fact both parties are part of the capitalistic corrupt system that puts profit over people, making sure that the 1% keeps getting richer and the poor remain poor. Anyone that doesn’t agree with this fact is just fooling themselves. It was fascinating reading her letter to the President that I had to laugh my ass off because she has no idea what she is talking about in half her letter. She is also confused as to the polices that the Republican Party has passed that doesn’t help anybody but the rich where as some policies not all that the Democratic Party has passed actually do help the working class, the poor, minorities, seniors, students, etc.

    1. Oldtechgeek says:

      All politicians only care about lining their own pockets regardless of their party and all news media reports the lies that the politicians tell them to report. Her letter makes about as much sense as anything the media reports…although even when I re-read her letter I did not see anywhere in it that she was writing it because she watched any particular news program..she also did not say which party she belongs to.

    2. allah_speaking says:

      How long have you been drinking the kool-aid?

  3. John McMorrow Jr. says:

    It’s time people woke up and realized it’s not governments fault that you don’t make enough money to support yourself. It’s Corporate America! Wake up people! This lady said right in her letter she didn’t have health insurance. Obama is trying to change that. What more do you want from him?

    1. Oldtechgeek says:

      I have been trying to sign up for this insurance since Oct. I have been awake every time I have tried. You ask what we want from him? How about the truth and a system that works? Seems like someone isn’t “trying” hard enough.

    2. Oldtechgeek says:

      The system is down at the moment.
      We’re currently performing scheduled maintenance. Please try again later.
      In a hurry? You “might” be able to apply faster at our Marketplace call center. Call 1-800-318-2596 to talk with one of our trained representatives about applying over the phone. This is copied and pasted from that insurance website just now. Calling gets you nowhere, either.

    3. GarryRA says:

      How typical John….always someone else’s fault, never our own. How do you think corporate America staying in business? It is because Americans want to buy cheaper and cheaper goods. Sell 2 IDENTICAL cups, one made in China for $4.25 and one made in America for $4.50…see which was sells. Only $.25 more but people will do what is best for them…no different then corporations. You didn’t buy it, they wouldn’t still be making it.

    4. Essa Adams says:

      who is the government but corporate America. Both hold the power. together.

  4. Jay says:

    what i think is also absurd is after people signed up for obamacare, they found out they qualified for government assistance…..you know how many americans are going to have government assistance now?!!! Do americans realize the second they depend on the government, the government has control? do we all know what happens when the government takes complete control over others because they DEPEND on them!??? just saying!!! on a side note, i 100% agree with this ladies letter! love it.

  5. YehoshuaFriedman says:

    If Obama were honestly trying to do the best he could for America, I would say G-d have mercy on his soul. But it really seems questionable that that is what he is trying to do. He seems to be intentionally pushing America over a cliff. If that is true, I don’t wish mercy on his soul. I wish mercy on the souls of the useful idiots who elected him and reelected him, mostly believing that his intentions were good and that maybe he was right. We are eyewitnesses to the decline and fall of the American Republic.

  6. Yannin Ramirez says:

    ok so people are upset that Obama is raising taxes for affordable health care..? welcome to canada… the states has everything so cheap, lets get real lol.

  7. cimiron says:

    I am 78 and still struggle daily to keep my head above water, but, I love God and I know he will protect me and keep me way beyond the end of my time

  8. David Hovgaard says:

    This woman is just wrong like so many that listen to Fox News and right wing talk radio. the ACA will help her with health insurance by subsidize the cost of her insurance and she won’t be denied for a pre-existing condition. I’m sorry that she’s poor but a lot of us are this is the first chance we’ve had to get insurance without the ACA we would really be in trouble. All the right wing histrionics about giving people healthcare is kind of laughable. They said the same things about Medicare and social security and now both these programs are accepted by the right and left as having been beneficial to the country as a whole. In 10 years no one remember what all the fuss was about
    least of all this very misinformed woman.

    1. Oldtechgeek says:

      I do not watch or listen to Fox news but I know firsthand that the ACA is messed up. I applied as soon as it was available for application. I got no results so I called them, like the website and the chat help told me to. The lady I spoke to said she could not see any reason why my application was in limbo, but that is where it is. She said she was elevating it to a higher level and someone would definitely call me within 2 weeks to straighten it out so I could get coverage. I have waiting over a month for that call. It is obvious to me that the whole thing is nothing more than a messed up affair. I can understand exactly why this lady is so frustrated and I did not read anything that stated that she watches Fox news either. What can you tell me that will help me, other than you think I am just misinformed even though I am having such a rotten experience. I am very frustrated, just like she is, and it is due to what I have experienced, not because of watching or listening to any news programs.

  9. Susan Ed says:

    and her alternative would be Romney? who is all she stated and worse? The GOP that put us in this situation in the first place and doesn’t give one rats patookie about her or her problems unless it will put some bucks in their pockets! So shoot Obama who is actually trying to HELP her with her problems. Stupid twit keep drinking that GOP propaganda koolaid.

  10. Chris Wilkes says:

    Now the IRS will be at her door for questioning The Liar in Chief, I don’t think that just because she is trying to make ends meet like most of us, that the REGIME will show Ms. Vestal any mercy. We should ALL STAND with her and not against her !!!

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