SNL skit takes on black community’s blind support for Obama

Kenan-ThompsonOn this past weekend’s “Saturday Night Live,” comedian Kenan Thompson hosted an episode of “How’s He Doing,” a mock talk show where black voters take a “frank, honest look” at President Barack Obama‘s job performance.

The hilarious skit examines the disconnect many black Americans have when it comes to the first black President.

Thompson shares a “troubling number” that shows the approval rating among black voters “dropped to a startling 93.6 percent” with his “non-partisan panel” of black voters.

Bedlam breaks out right away when he asks the panel: “Has there been a time in the past month where you wished you would have voted for Mitt Romney?”

They go on to discuss how white people have an expectation for everything to work perfectly and how white people “love their insurance.” This is compared to how they also love their mailman.

“How good is the mail they must be getting?” the female panelist asked.

“Boy, what I wouldn’t give to get a white person’s mail for a day,” the male panelist said. “Just a bunch of pre-approved credit cards and a Pottery Barn catalog.”

After describing a number of extreme scenarios, Thompson then asked the panel if they still support Obama. One plot involves Russian President Vladimir Putin challenging Obama to a game of 5 on 5 basketball, with world domination hanging in the balance.

After Obama selects all white players, to include Brett Favre, as his teammates, Thompson then asked the panel if he loses their support — this is funny stuff!

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Tom Tillison


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