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HealthCare.gov takes weekend off for maintenance

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The Obamacare website is celebrating its one-month anniversary by going down for maintenance.

The site was no closer to signing people up online than it was a month ago, National Review columnist John Fund told Fox News’ Arthel Neville on Saturday, adding that the administration’s refusal to reveal updated numbers of enrollees doesn’t help.

All Fund said he could take away from last week’s hearings was finger-pointing – everyone was blaming someone else.

President Obama voiced his frustration in a speech in Boston last week.

“The website is too slow, many people have gotten stuck, and I’m not happy about it,” Obama told the crowd. “There’s no excuse for it. I take full responsibility to see that it gets fixed ASAP.”

If the president was so upset, Neville wondered, why hasn’t anyone lost their job?

“The entire reputation of the administration is on the line,” Fund said, addinging that all presidents have defining moments during their time in office.

Watch the discussion here via Fox News:

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