Uncomfortable Bill Maher, Ann Coulter interview; who’s handling who?

Coulter-MaherTalk about jumping out of the frying pan into the fire, conservative pundit Ann Coulter went from the unfriendly confines of MSNBC to the practically hostile environs of HBO’sReal Time,” hosted by the vile Bill Maher.

As might be expected, the air was a bit chilly at times as Coulter plugged her book, “Never Trust a Liberal over 3 — Especially a Republican.

Maher introduced Coulter as “the Ivan Drago to my Rocky” — a reference to the fictional characters in the 1985 film “Rocky IV” — and the two exchanged a perfunctory kiss on the cheek before clashing over a host of issues, including immigration reform.

Cherry picking from a 2012 report by the Pew Hispanic Center, Maher ignores that an estimated 55-60 percent of the 11 million illegal immigrants in America are from Mexico, according to Marketplace, to tell Coulter that “net immigration is zero from Mexico.”

In claiming there is no net gain of Mexican citizens coming across the southern border, Maher’s hatred for America was on full display. “No one wants to get into your shitty disco anymore,” he said.

On several occasions, Maher’s misogyny gets the better of him. He begins by joking about Coulter getting engaged to Sen. Ted Cruz’s father, and later said President Ronald Reagan was her “boyfriend.”

But the most condescending comment may have been when Maher mockingly said she was “the grande dame of blond conservative women.” Being a liberal, he’ll be given a pass here, but these efforts were clearly an attempt to dismiss Coulter as a serious thinker.

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Tom Tillison


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