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Israel ‘furious’ Obama administration leaked strike confirmation

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Israel is livid over the White House’s public confirmation that the Israeli Air Force engaged a Syrian military base Wednesday, destroying weapons about to be delivered to Hezbollah, according to several sources.

In the following newscast, CNN reported that although “the Israelis themselves have refused to comment,” on the alleged Israeli Air Force strike, they were able to get “confirmation from a White House source.”

According to The Times of Israel:

Israel’s Channel 10 TV on Friday night quoted Israeli officials branding the American leak as “scandalous.” For Israel’s ally to be acting in this way was “unthinkable,” the officials were quoted as saying.

A second TV report, on Israel’s Channel 2, said the leak “came directly from the White House,” and noted that “this is not the first time” that the administration has compromised Israel by leaking information on such Israeli Air Force raids on Syrian targets.

At the Anti-Defamation League’s centennial conference held Thursday, Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel said, “the Israeli and American defense relationship is stronger than ever, and it will continue to strengthen.”

One does not strengthen relationships with allies by leaking reports they want kept secret.

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