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Chris Wallace confronts Obamacare architect in blistering argument

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Sparks flew on “Fox News Sunday” over the Obama administration’s definition of the phrase, “if you like your plan, you can keep it,” with Obamacare architect Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel loudly and repeatedly talking out of turn.

Things got so contentious at one point that host Chris Wallace turned to American Enterprise Institute’s James Capretta, his other guest and said, “Don’t talk while he’s interrupting!”

After playing a clip of President Obama’s oft-heard promises, Wallace turned to Emanuel.

“Your grandfathering is so narrow, if your insurance company changes your co-pay by more than $5 over the course of the three years since 2010, it’s no longer grandfathered in,” he pointed out.

“That’s usually a 25 percent change. That’s a big change,” Emanuel said. “You have to ask the question: how many planks do you change in a boat before it’s a different boat? That’s the same thing here: we had a plan, we argued about it.”

“You didn’t tell the American people,” Wallace shot back. “You said, if this plan is in effect until March of 2010, you can keep it.”

“That’s what it said!” Emanuel argued. “That’s how we fulfilled that pledge.”

Wallace and Capretta also argued with Emanuel over howe the president’s promise would be unfulfilled in 2015 when the employer mandate kicks in.

Wallace eventually got Emanuel to admit that Obamacare would go into a potential “death spiral” if enough paying policy-holders didn’t sign up.

Watch the exchange on the Fox News video.

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