Americans fight back: Take this insurance cancellation and . . .


A new website was spawned from the sea of broken promises of last month’s Affordable Care Act’s rollout, allowing victims to tell their stories. The site is called, appropriately enough,

Policyholders dropped from their plans of choice are invited to post their cancellation letters from HealthNet and Security Health Plan insurers, to name a few.

Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Michigan wrote this letter to “Ralph,” according to the website:

Dear Ralph,

The federal health care reform law is fundamentally changing the way health insurance is delivered in Michigan and the rest of the United States. And this will have an impact on you.

I’m writing to tell you that your current plan does not meet all of the requirements of the health care reform law and will be discontinued on December 31, 2013.

In another letter, Blue Cross Blue Shield??? wrote a policyholder, “The monthly premium for your new Blue Advantage Bronze 5500 will be $1,201.66, effective January 1, 2014.”

Among the Affordable Care Act’s four levels of coverage, “bronze” is the least expensive and generally carries higher deductibles and co-pays.

It didn’t take long for the Twitter universe to take notice, offering a few tweets of appreciation. Here are a few examples:





Unlike, this website hasn’t crashed, it hasn’t shut down for maintenance, and people can actually access it anytime they want.

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