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Tennessee High School segregates students based on grades at lunch

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A Tennessee high school is taking segregation to a whole new level – separating kids with poor grades from the rest of their schoolmates, according to WSMV Tennessee.

“During the lunch period, students who are making poor grades at La Vergne High School are separated from their classmates and forced to eat in a separate location,” the TV station reported.

Rutherford County Schools spokesman James Evans said underachieving students are merely being separated so they can get extra tutoring, according to WSMV. But the school is using the lunch hour to provide the extra help, leaving only half the period for the students to eat their meals.

“They are not segregating them in the traditional sense,” Evans told WSMV. “If the kids’ scores are low in certain areas, they are getting help in that area. If you want to label that segregation, then that’s not the correct way to label it.”

Paul Morecroft, a parent of a La Vergne High student, told WSMV that kids whose grades average below 80 percent qualify for the program.

Even if the program was reserved for truly underachieving students, what educator would separate children already struggling through school — kids who may already have a troubled home life or other issues — when they should be well aware that singling students out in such a public way could expose them to ridicule?

“It’s like going back in time where everybody was being separated,” one student told WSMV. “That’s how I feel. We just wanna sit with our friends.”

But the student also said she didn’t see the program as negative.

“We need that little help,” she said.

WSMV Channel 4

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