Kenyan pastors ask for AK-47s to protect Christians

RNS Kenya

Via RNS: “The Rev. Peter Karanja (center), of the National Council of Churches of Kenya, addresses a news conference on Wednesday (Oct 30). He said the government should see this as writing on the wall and that Kenyans are getting tired of the continuing insecurity. Photo by Fredrick Nzwili”

In an effort to protect themselves from terrorists killing them in the name of Allah, Christian pastors in Kenya have asked to be armed with AK-47 rifles.

Increasingly insecure and frustrated pastors made the unusual request in the wake of escalating violence in the coastal Mombasa region, particularly after two pastors were killed in their churches late last month, according to a report from Religion News Service.

“Pastor Charles Mathole, 41, was killed Oct. 20 as he prayed inside his Vikwatani Redeemed Gospel Church. The following day, East African Pentecostal Church pastor Ibrahim Kithaka was found dead in Kilifi, about 35 miles north of Mombasa,” the article said.

During Mathole’s funeral, Pastor Lambert Mbela called on the Kenyan government to provide the churches with rifles to combat the suspected Islamic extremists terrorizing the region.

“Our many churches are not under any protection. They do not have walls or gates. The government should issue AK-47 rifles to every church so that we can stop them from being burnt, our property from being looted and our pastors and Christians from being killed,” he said.

While some pastors agree, others believe an armed clergy “contradicts traditional biblical teachings on nonviolence, or could put churches and congregations at more risk,” the report said.

According to the paper, even some Muslim leaders believe providing Christian clerics with rifles is needed, but one warned:

“It is a good idea, but not all clerics should get the guns. Some are rogue clerics and may pose more danger to other religious leaders,” said Sheikh Juma Ngao, chairman of the Kenya Muslim National Advisory Council.

More from Religion News Service.

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4 thoughts on “Kenyan pastors ask for AK-47s to protect Christians

  1. Dan Hardesty says:

    Let’s see….this group is not Muslim, nor or they drug runners. They are Christians, so they get nothing, except the opportunity to die for their Faith.

  2. Sheryl McMonigal says:

    I say we should make it our mission in our churches to supply them with guns and ammo, who’s with me? God never intended for the Muslims to commit genocide and wipe out the Christians in these countries. Jesus was NO PANSY!!!

  3. AprilJean says:

    This must pose a real conflict of interest for obummer. Here we find the country of his BIRTH and its Christians being killed by his muslime brothers. On top of that – we have a muslime head of a council advising that all clerics should not be armed as they might be rogue clerics. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!

  4. robbiedobbs says:

    God will protect them, praise the lord jesus, Amen!!

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