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Carney defends millions losing policies: Government knows best

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White House press secretary Jay Carney continued to defend Obamacare and its website Friday, saying the program’s minimum standards are needed, despite millions of people getting dropped from their current health care plans.

CNN’s Chris Cuomo asked Carney about the 5 percent of plans that  will be discontinued because they don’t meet Obamacare standards, meaning those people don’t get to keep their plan or doctor as the president promised. Cuomo suggested such policyholders may be happy with bare bones coverage, asking if a fix was in the works and whether
administration officials would be willing to sit down with Republicans to sort it out.

Carney thanked Cuomo for pointing out that only 5 percent would be affected by dropped policies, saying just a fraction of those policyholders are actually being informed their policies don’t meet minimum guidelines.

“They force a lot of things on people, Jay,” Cuomo said. “They force things on people that they may not need — maternity care for people who don’t want it, levels of care for people who don’t want it.”

Carney said those among the “small sliver” of the population losing their current health plans need to find out what their options are.

“In so many cases, you’re going to find out you get better insurance,” Carney said. “That’s a guarantee, better minimum coverage and at the same or lower cost because you’ll qualify for a tax credit.” He added that the administration “absolutely believes” that minimum standards are needed.

“If you’re a single male, you might not need maternity coverage, but you may need mental health services.”

Commenting on the failure of the website, Cuomo offered a suggestion for the website’s failed rollout, saying the administration should use the tech guys at the National Security Agency to fix HealthCare.gov, since they seem to be into everything else.

Watch the exchange here via CNN:

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