Piers Morgan plays stupid Cupid; Ann Coulter not amused

Ann Coulter
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In a show of just how far one will go to sell a book, conservative pundit and author Ann Coulter appeared as a guest Thursday night on CNN’s “Piers Morgan Tonight.”

After running a video clip of far left bomb-thrower Bill Maher criticizing her, host Morgan marveled at Coulter’s facial expressions. As his hormones get the better of him, he then asked the leggy blonde if she would ever consider dating Maher.

Coulter, visibly irritated, was quick to respond, “If you were interviewing Margaret Thatcher, would you ask her that? No, I think not!”

Having sufficiently opened the door, Morgan follows up on that by asking Coulter if she would ever date a liberal.

“I am not discussing who I would date!” Coulter replied with enough feigned embarrassment to rival any school girl.

Morgan would later play a clip of Maher joking that former Vice President Dick Cheney is “the illegitimate father of Ann Coulter.” A comment that clearly made Coulter uncomfortable as she nervously laugh it off.

Occasionally, the conversation did get around to politics, as the two talked about which political party was more power-obsessed, at which point Coulter got in a great line about how Democrats “enforce party discipline like an old communist cell.”

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