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‘Friends of NRA’ set new record

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In a year that has seen extraordinary attempts by liberals to impose stricter gun control laws across the country, a grassroots, national fundraising program has set a new record in its effort to “fundraise for the future of the shooting sports.”

Friends of NRA,” a group of community volunteers from across the country, proudly announced this week that it has raised a record $30 million to date, with two months of fundraising events still upcoming in 2013.

The program’s mission statement is to help “safeguard programs across the nation that prepare today’s generations to be tomorrow’s guardians of the Second Amendment,” and its fundraising proceeds help fund the non-profit organization, “The NRA Foundation.”

According to “Friends of NRA” website:

Every year, The NRA Foundation allocates half of all net proceeds to go back into the state in which it was raised, where Friends of NRA State Fund Committees decide on programs and projects to fund on the local and state levels.

The other half of funds raised at Friends of NRA banquets is used to fund projects similar to those seen on the local and state levels but with a national scope. These funds help sustain over 180 NRA National Supported Programs across the country.

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