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Felon OJ Simpson still on Florida voter rolls; officials not surprised

OJ Simpson
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A technicality – like not “receiving documentation” that OJ Simpson is a convicted felon – has allowed him to remain an active and registered voter in the state of Florida because the state has no way to check on felony convictions in other states.

Broward resident Andrew Ladanowski contacted the Miami Herald after discovering Simpson was still listed on the Miami-Dade voter database.

Ladanowski, who was investigating voter rolls to determine “if convicted felons were having their voting rights removed as the state requires,” emailed the Herald after the voter database showed “Orenthal J Simpson registered in July 2000, lives at 9450 SW 112Th St. Simpson is listed as ‘no party affiliation’ and the data states ‘You are currently eligible to vote in Miami-Dade County,’” the Herald reported.

As Ladanowski duly noted in his email to the paper, “I’m surprised that the entire country knows that O.J. is a convicted felon except for the Miami-Dade Supervisor of Elections.”

But common knowledge that Simpson was convicted in 2008 of robbery and kidnapping in Nevada is apparently not enough. Without “documentation” specifically showing he’s a convicted felon, the state can’t remove his name from the voter database.

The Herald published statements it received from both the Florida Division of Elections and the Miami-Dade Supervisor of Elections:

“Mr. Simpson’s name was not removed from the voter rolls because he was convicted in Nevada so his name was never sent to the Department of State for removal,” elections spokeswoman Brittany Lesser said in an email. “We are working to improve how the voter rolls are updated in order to maintain the integrity of elections statewide.”

“Orenthal Simpson last voted in the November 4, 2004 General Election,” says Christina White, a spokeswoman for the Miami-Dade Supervisor of Elections. “The Miami-Dade Elections Department does not have the authority to remove a voter from the registration system without receiving documentation related to a felony conviction. We have been in communication with the Florida State Division of Elections regarding this matter, who we understand will be requesting a judgment from the State of Nevada. After which, we will be permitted to take removal action.”

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