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DHS advisor calls America ‘Islamic’ country

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Department of Homeland Security Senior Fellow and advisor Mohamed Elibiary not only compares the Muslim Brotherhood to evangelical Christians, but also considers the United States an Islamic country.

Elibiary admitted his ties with radical Islam in early October, and his twitter feed has been busy since then.

Elibiary got into a telling conversation with with someone using the Twitter handle 1776son Thursday:


Excellent observation: A Christian? Throw him in prison. A gay” Off with his head. Elibiary replied:




Islamic? The United States? This should come as no surprise to those who followed his feed Monday, when he compared the Muslim Brotherhood to evangelical Christians with this tweet:


The conservative publication World Net Daily explained “MB” and “ursa” in the tweet:

The “MB,” or Muslim Brotherhood, seeks a worldwide Islamic caliphate ruled by Shariah, or Islamic law, and teaches followers to help establish an Islamic state wherever they live.

An usra is a small teaching group devised by Brotherhood founder Hassan al-Banna to indoctrinate his followers. Brotherhood leaders form weekly meetings to teach the Islamist group’s methods and ideology.

Shortly afterwards, Elibiary made another odd comparison:


Jim Crow laws were a blight on our nation’s history based on a lie — that African-Americans are somehow inferior to whites. The fight against radical Islam, however, is based on an historical fact, elequently evidenced in this tweet and photo:



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