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CNN’s Amanpour duped by fake tea party congressional Twitter account

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In her eagerness to diminish all things tea party, CNN “journalist” Christiane Amanpour was duped by a fake Twitter account set up to represent a member of Congress — the problem being that there is no such member.

Amanpour sent out a tweet on Thursday plugging an interview with German Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle that focused on the U.S. spying on allies.

In response to her tweet, an account identified as belonging to “Rep. Steve Smith” tweeted:

“Maybe if we kept a better eye on them in 1939, WWII wouldn’t have happened.”

Amanpour then countered:

The profile set up for “Rep. Steve Smith” said he is a Republican member of Congress representing Georgia’s 15th district and further stated: “Tea Party: Patriot: American: Constitutionalist.”

steve smith
Photo Credit Twitchy.com

The account has since been suspended by Twitter.

Had Amanpour taken all of a few minutes to verify who this individual is, she would have discovered that there are only 14 congressional districts in Georgia and none are represented by a “Steve Smith,” as reported by Twitchy. Instead, she passed along the tweet as if it were legitimate.

And these are the people who are quick to criticize a citizen journalist as being “just a blogger.”

But then, the media is not the only entity on the left willing to make fools of themselves:


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