Businessweek ‘brutal’ cover captures Obama’s epic fail

A picture is worth 1,000 words.

And the cover of the Nov. 4 issue of Bloomberg Businessweek more than proves it with its summary of the “epic fail” of the Obamacare website.

businessweek1101Unfortunately, the 2,000-plus word article, “How the iPod president crashed: Obama’s broken technology promise,” by liberal Washington Post blogger and columnist Ezra Klein focuses on almost exclusively on the technical difficulties encountered by the Obamacare launch. He ignores the political, legal and constitutional objections to Obamacare in favor of arguing the government is simply too cumbersome to put out a product that can be compared in speed and efficiency with the likes of Orbitz or Amazon.

That’s actually the least important problem with Obamacare, but give Klein his say. The cover itself, already generating buzz as “brilliant” and “brutal,” says it all.

Obama’s “administration wouldn’t just be competent,” Klein writes near the beginning. “It would be modern. And it would restore America’s faith that the public sector could do big things well.”

Midway through, he offers the liberal intelligentsia a small consolation. “For all its deficiencies, isn’t the worst disaster a government has experienced on a major IT project. That distinction belongs to the U.K.’s endeavor to create an electronic medical records system for its National Health Service.”

What the UK did about that, Klein writes, is empower the technocrats working on the project to crush their competition in the government bureaucracy, making them powerful enough to overcome entrenched fiefdoms.

Klein wants the Obamacare army to do something similar here.

“If they’re going to save their project to build an iPod government worthy of public confidence, they must force the rest of the federal bureaucracy to change,” he writes.

That might be fine from a purely IT point of view, but Klein’s liberalism is showing with his belief that a more efficient Obamacare website will mean a better Obamacare for all.

An administration that has no qualms about turning the IRS loose on its political opponents or turning Ranger Friendly at the National Park Service into storm troopers locking out World War II vets — and brags about being proud of it — shouldn’t be getting more power at its fingertips.

It’s too efficient already.

Joe Saunders

Joe Saunders, a 25-year newspaper veteran, is a staff writer and editor for BizPac Review who lives in Tallahassee and covers capital and Florida politics. Email Joe at [email protected].


11 thoughts on “Businessweek ‘brutal’ cover captures Obama’s epic fail

  1. Randy Wright says:


  2. RationalThought1 says:

    I suggest reading two short and simple books about dystopian societies, both of which were very efficient and effective, and where individuality and freedom was lost. “The Giver” by Lois Lowry and “Anthem” by Ayn Rand.

    1. Brian McKinny says:

      What for? To tell the people what they should already know in their hearts is wrong with the country? Do you actually think that a single Obama supporter would even bother? I seriously doubt it, because they’re all too busy carrying Obama’s water, covering up his lies and grievous mistakes, and promoting his agenda. They’re not interested in the truth of what’s happening, because it would force them all to take a look at themselves, and their own willing culpability in his masquerade. The time for reading books and having ‘town hall’ meetings is long since passed. The time has come for real action. Obama needs to be impeached, and we American need to start disobeying his unlawful orders and mandates. Forget reading. We’re way past that now.

      1. RationalThought1 says:

        If that’s where your are – fine. Just be prepared to accept the consequences of your actions. I’m still willing to inform, educate and debate. I’m still willing to try to get others to think for themselves so that we can restore America through a peaceful process.

      2. truthseeker says:

        Obama (while I do not support him) is not the CAUSE of america’s ills, he is a part of the machine for sure, but it was sick in its inception and the condition of chattel reserved for one, is now a reality in everyones lives.

        Shoulda listened, Black people weren’t whining, we were warning.

    2. awakeawareomshanti says:

      We The Living, by Ayn Rand.

  3. Brian McKinny says:

    What the HELL is it going to take to IMPEACH this sonofabitch? No white president in HISTORY would have ever been allowed to get away with such corruption and cronyism. This man isn’t incompetent, really. He’s quite the opposite. He’s an experienced grifter, whose sole intention was and is to destroy our country from within – our economy, our healthcare system, our military, our prestige in the world forum, and the trust of our allies. This man is a traitor in any sane person’s estimation. He should be impeached, tried, convicted, and imprisoned. What’s it going to take, people?? Is he going to have to be caught red-handed selling out our country or our allies?? Oh, wait… He’s already been caught doing that with former Russian president Medvedev, while selling out our Polish allies over missile defense on a ‘hot microphone’. The man cannot be trusted to run a lemonade stand, let alone the country. If you are so stupid as to believe otherwise, you can go piss up a rope. Don’t bother replying to this, because you’re simply too stupid to warrant a response. Barrack Hussein Obama is a usurper, a tyrant, a terrorist supporting traitor, and doesn’t deserve to call himself an American.

    1. Egon says:

      I am with you brother.

    2. Dawn says:

      Well said, I agree 100%.

  4. awakeawareomshanti says:

    Some people who still support this Fraud need to go live in COMMUNIST CHINA.

  5. johnnygeneric says:

    Leftists live in a fantasy world as far from reality as the sun is from Neptune.

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