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Mitt Romney to Obama: Don’t you dare compare mine to yours

Former Gov. Mitt Romney launched a preemptive strike ahead of President Obama’s scheduled speech in Massachusetts Wednesday basically saying don’t even think about comparing Romneycare to the […]

N.J. school district in for fight over banning religious Christmas songs

Alliance for Defending Freedom, a national law firm that specializes in religious cases, is warning a New Jersey school district that the “rich and wonderful diversity” of […]

Dem. Fla. House Minority leader running for attorney general amid residency scandal

A South Florida lawmaker, who mat be breaking the law each day he serves in the Florida House of Representatives, announced he’s seeking to unseat Pam Bondi […]

Amazing video: What you see right before a tank blasts you
Amazing video: What you see right before a tank blasts you

This is incredible footage. I don’t know how the video survived the blast, but it did. In slow motion: Watch military kids stop playing, snap to attention […]

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Insurance companies bullied; afraid of WH retribution if they criticize

On CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360” Tuesday, investigative reporter Drew Griffin reported on allegations of the White House pressuring insurance companies to not publicly criticize ObamaCare. Talk about […]

Obama, libs want $75 billion more for misguided ‘preschool for all’ plan

The Obama administration’s push to spend $75 billion on preschool programs as part of its Early Learning Initiative is another “incredibly misguided” waste of taxpayer money, a […]

Global terrorism deaths at all-time high, report shows

Despite President Barack Obama’s attempts to reach out to the Muslim community and his assertion that “al-Qaida is on the run,” global terrorism has risen sharply since […]

Obamacare drives up small business owner’s healthcare premiums by 400%

While acknowledging the number of Americans who have had their insurance policies canceled or told it has to change has reached “almost 2 million,” NBC reporter Lisa […]

Obama-booster Maya Angelou turns Obama-blaster

One of country’s best known black writers has gone from being a big-name Obama supporter to openly blasting his education policies. Maya Angelou, poet and author of […]

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Cruz stands up to scrutiny; Latino journalist fires hard-hitting questions

U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz recently sat for a wide-ranging interview on the newly launched Fusion Network and explained why he believes President Obama has “absolutely been abusing […]

obamacare-navigator pimps out navigators who aren’t navigators

As if the Obamacare website weren’t plagued with enough problems, it is now listing navigators — “experts” to help people through the application process — who apparently […]

Anderson Cooper
Anderson Cooper: If Obama’s campaign website was this bad, they would ‘flip out’

It’s pretty pathetic that the man lauded for running the most successful internet-savvy presidential campaigns to date rolled out a website that will go down as one […]