Krauthammer: Obamacare’s failure could set back liberalism for a decade

Syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer said that if the much maligned Affordable Care Act and its and glitch-ridden insurance exchange website fail, it could set the progressive cause back as much as a decade.

Krauthammer appeared on “The Kelly File” Wednesday and told host Megyn Kelly that socialized medicine is a core element of liberal ideology, and if it fails, it will call in to question the whole idea of a benevolent state that knows best, according to Fox News.

“I would say that what’s really at stake here, is that if this thing really goes south, if ObamaCare truly self-destructs, I don’t know that it’s certain but I would say right now it is more than likely, it would really set back American liberalism for a decade at least,” he said.

Krauthammer referred to ObamaCare as the “completion of the entitlement state,” a long process that started with FDR’s New Deal and continued with LBJ’s Great Society.

“That’s why I think the liberals are running scared,” he said. “It’s not just one election, it’s the whole ideology that the government knows best.”

Watch the interview from Fox News.

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