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Harry Reid’s inane prediction of what will end Republican Party in 2016

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Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who teamed up with Nancy Pelosi to ram Obamacare through the U.S. Congress three years ago, should know something about disasters by now.

And Texas Sen. Ted Cruz — the Republican who led the shutdown fight to try to keep the Obamacare disaster from hurting the rest of the country — would be a disaster for Republicans, Reid said.

harryreid1031“If I didn’t care so much about our country, I would hope he’d win the Republican nomination for president,” Reid told MSNBC sycophant Rachel Maddow in an interview Wednesday. “That would be the end of the Republican Party.

“He stands for everything America doesn’t.”

It’s amazing.

The Obamacare train wreck Reid crafted with former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi during the disastrous two years Democrats controlled both houses of Congress is worse than even conservatives predicted: Technically, it’s an embarrassment. Practically, it’s damaging the personal lives of millions of Americans. Politically, it’s exposed President Barack “If-you-like-your-insurance-plan-you-can-keep-it” Obama as a liar.

And Reid can still pretend it’s Republicans – and Cruz in particular – are the ones being damaged.

“The Republican Party is staggering right now,” Reid said, with staggering effrontery.

Actually, it’s Obamacare that’s staggering right now, along with the public lies of Democrats from Obama and Reid on down – and even the lapdog mainstream media can’t cover them up anymore.

And whatever happens with the beautifully named Healthcare.gov website, the millions of Americans who are getting their insurance mucked with are likely to start agreeing with Oklahoma Republican Sen. Tim Coburn, who called Reid an “absolute a******” at a New York fundraiser on Monday.

It only had two syllables, so it wasn’t “oblivious.”

But it was close.


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