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Baffled CNBC anchor: Obamacare ‘making my premiums go up, how is that?’

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Oh, the delicious irony of Obamacare.

“So, wait. The Affordable Care Act is making my premiums go up? How is that?” a baffled CNBC Senior Correspondent Scott Cohn asked Wednesday on the “Squawk Box,” Media Research Center reported.

Cohn actually knew that was a rhetorical question because he was the one waving around the new NBCUniversal open enrollment guide that said, “federally mandated health care changes will require Comcast-NBCUniversal to pay new fees and implement plan design changes that will contribute to the increased cost of our plans.”

“Ironically, NBC has worked hard to promote Obamacare. In the week before the exchanges opened, NBC launched their own week-long campaign, to “help Americans get the most out of the Affordable Care Act.” NBC affiliate MSNBC was even more blatant in touting Obamacare,” the report noted.

Amuse yourself at a little comeuppance for the liberal media and watch Cohn here via Media Research Center TV:


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