US commandos were standing by to nab Benghazi suspect this month

The Obama administration apparently flubbed an opportunity for U.S. special forces to capture a leader of Ansar Al-Sharia, the group responsible for the deadly attack on Benghazi […]

bus driver
Hero bus driver saves woman from jumping off bridge

Bus driver Darnell Barton is being called a hero for saving a woman’s life while traveling with a bus full of high school students down a New […]

Thuggish woman maces and punches news crew
Thuggish woman maces and punches news crew

I hope this woman ends up in jail. Reports of a home invasion and hostage situation during the night in Washington, D.C., prompted a local TV news […]

Halloween howler: ‘The Health Care Mash’

In the spirit of the season, has released a restyled version of the Bobby “Boris” Pickett classic “The Monster Mash.” The song that reached an unbelievable […]

Joe Biden: Me and Obama aren’t ‘technology geeks’

In case you were wondering, neither Vice President Joe Biden nor President Obama are “technology geeks,” and so they depended on the “pros” to give the “ready […]

Obama blames ‘bad apples’ in insurance industry for canceled plans

So it’s those insurance companies’ fault for not insuring against the impossible. On the same day Health and Human Services Kathleen Sebelius was getting grilled by House […]

obama heckled
President Obama heckled at healthcare speech in Boston

Protesters interrupted PresidentObama’shealth care rally held in Boston Wednesday, but surprisingly it was not to call him out for lying to the American people aboutObamacare. The noisy […]

Baffled CNBC anchor: Obamacare ‘making my premiums go up, how is that?’

Oh, the icious irony of Obamacare. “So, wait. The Affordable Care Act is making my premiums go up? How is that?” a baffled CNBC Senior Correspondent Scott […]

obama costume
Man’s Obama costume spurs boss to order diversity training for all

Oh dear. Some people at a Halloween office party in Kentucky didn’t get the memo we are an über politically correct country gone mad. Three employees at […]

Harry Reid’s inane prediction of what will end Republican Party in 2016

Democrat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who teamed up with Nancy Pelosi to ram Obamacare through the U.S. Congress three years ago, should know something about disasters […]

Afghan interpreter who helped our troops wins long visa battle, arrives in US

An Afghan translator responsible for saving at least one American life was finally granted a visa and arrived on U.S. shores Tuesday, after than two long […]

Krauthammer: Obamacare’s failure could set back liberalism for a decade

Syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer said that if the much maligned Affordable Care Act and its and glitch-ridden insurance exchange website fail, it could set the progressive cause […]