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Sean Penn: Tea party in Congress should be committed by executive order

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Sean PennThe last time we checked in on Hollywood moonbat Sean Penn, he was mourning the loss of good friend Hugo Chavez.

It’s safe to say the mourning period has come to pass as Penn targeted U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz and “tea party” Republicans in Congress during an appearance Monday on CNN’s “Piers Morgan Live”, saying the politicians should be committed to a mental asylum.

“Let’s go to the tea party influence on Congress,” Penn said. “I think they have — there’s a mental health problem in Congress.”

“This would be solved by committing them by executive order, I think,” he told host Piers Morgan. “Because these are our American brothers and sisters, we shouldn’t be criticizing them, attacking them… this is a cry for help.”

“You literally commit what, people like Ted Cruz?” asked a smitten Morgan.

“He is my American brother,” the far-left actor replied. “I think we should take care of him, he is in trouble.”

Before dismissing the comment as coming from an irrelevant Hollywood actor, or laughing it off, Penn appeared to be serious.

Expressing such thoughts exposes the danger of the liberal mindset. It sets a dangerous precedent in that it brings out into the open discussions on how to “eliminate” political enemies. It’s not a reach to think that similar conversations have been had over the years, prior to some of the more darker moments in world history.

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