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Obama-booster Maya Angelou turns Obama-blaster

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One of country’s best known black writers has gone from being a big-name Obama supporter to openly blasting his education policies.

Maya Angelou, poet and author of “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings” and numerous other best-sellers, joined more than 120 well-known children’s authors and illustrators in signing a letter criticizing Obama’s “Race to the Top” initiative, according to the Washington Post.

mayaangelou1030“Race to the Top” – part of that billions-wasting stimulus bill in 2009 – is actually having a negative effect on children’s learning to read, Angelou said.

“’Race To The Top’ feels to be more like a contest not what did you learn, but how much can you memorize,” Angelou told the Post.

Teachers unions hate “Race to the Top” because of its emphasis on standardized testing and teacher evaluations, so Angelou’s view are pretty much party-line liberalism. But the fact that such a well-known name among black writers – a thinking-woman’s Oprah – is so publicly opposing the president is worth noting.

Especially since it was only last year that she told the leftists Guardian newspaper that American opposing Obama’s re-election were basically racist Klansmen.

“But in the next few months, as we wind up to the double campaign, I tell you we are going to see some nastiness, some vulgarity, I think,” she told the Guardian in February 2012. “They’ll pull the sheets off.”

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So, that must mean the 120 other writers and illustrators who signed the Race to the Top letter are racists too? (Hard to picture Judy Blume burning crosses in Alabama, but you never know about people.)

Actually, this whole thing might be a just another jump start Hillary in 2016.

Before she became a big Obama backer, Angelou was firmly in the Hillary Clinton camp. Who can forget the day in 1993 when she bored a rapt nation into stupefication with that poem at Bill Clinton’s first inauguration?

So a Clinton supporter teams up with a bunch of other lefty writers to vilify an Obama education policy teachers unions hate. The liberal stars align.

It’s got three years to go, but the Obama era is already coming to an end.


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