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Insurance companies bullied; afraid of WH retribution if they criticize

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anderson_cooperOn CNN’s “Anderson Cooper 360” Tuesday, investigative reporter Drew Griffin reported on allegations of the White House pressuring insurance companies to not publicly criticize ObamaCare.

Talk about Chicago politics.

Cooper began by saying there’s “evidence that the Obama administration is leaning on insurance companies to keep a lid on problems with the healthcare law roll-out,” before asking Griffin to explain, Newsbusters reported.

Griffin then reported on behind the scenes efforts by the White House to keep insurers from publicly criticizing what is happening with the Obamacare roll-out, saying that those who do speak out can expect “to get a call from the White House.”

“Bob Laszewski who heads the Health Policy Strategy Associates, a consulting firm for big insurers, and an outspoken critic of ObamaCare, says he is getting calls from [insurance] executives who want him to speak out for them about the problems because they feel defenseless against the White House PR team,” Griffin reported.

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He added that Laszewski told him, “The White House is exerting massive pressure on the industry, including the trade associations, to keep quiet.”

“Sources telling us they fear White House retribution,” Griffin said.

When asked by CNN about the allegations, White House Press Secretary Jay Carney sent a note that stated in part, “That accusation is preposterous and inaccurate.”

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