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Healthcare.gov pimps out navigators who aren’t navigators

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As if the Obamacare website weren’t plagued with enough problems, it is now listing navigators — “experts” to help people through the application process — who apparently never agreed to be navigators.

HealthCare.gov lists approximately 40 people and organizations in Des Moines, Iowa, ready to help Obamacare applicants find a policy. However, at least 10 of them don’t seem to realize it, according to WHO-TV 13, the local NBC affiliate.

WHO-TV 13 reported:

The healthcare.gov website lists almost 40 Des Moines organizations that can help. We called ten at random. None could help, and most didn’t realize they were listed on the government’s website.

Millions of individual policyholders — as much as 70 percent — will lose their current plans under Obamacare, forced to pay for coverage they don’t necessarily want and possibly cannot afford.

But the vast majority of Americans get their coverage through their employer. What’s going to happen when 2015 approaches and the employer mandate kicks in?  

Watch the report from WHO TV.

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