Anderson Cooper: If Obama’s campaign website was this bad, they would ‘flip out’

It’s pretty pathetic that the man lauded for running the most successful internet-savvy presidential campaigns to date rolled out a website that will go down as one of the biggest epic failures in the history of the modern world.

CNN’s Anderson Cooper’s entire panel ripped into the president Tuesday night noting that Obama would never have allowed his campaign website to stay broken for so long, let alone ever allowing such a pitifully broken website to launch in the first place.

“Can you imagine the campaign? If their website had been like this during the campaign? You think they would have stood for that? They would flip out!” Anderson asked.

British blogger Andrew Sullivan reminded viewers of the following personal tidbit Obama shared once about himself:

“When Obama was asked once what his basic, deepest flaw was, he said, ‘deep laziness.’ And I wonder whether this is not the equivalent of that first debate last year. The guy just didn’t focus. Playing too much golf.”

It’s not and never was laziness. It’s sheer arrogance.

The relevant discussion begins at the two-minute mark:

Watch via AC360 on CNN here:

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Janeen Capizola

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3 thoughts on “Anderson Cooper: If Obama’s campaign website was this bad, they would ‘flip out’

  1. Hargraves Ian says:

    Bet you he does not admit saying that hah because “No one told him”

  2. Cathy Miller Nelson says:

    Obama is a liar! his campaign was a successful lie, his presidency never should have happened. His whole career is a lie! UNSEAL HIS RECORDS!!!!!!!!

  3. Kent Horton says:

    Remember his campaign website featured a disabled security system that would have prevented non-citizens from contributing to his campaign. Contributions flowed like water from his supporters, were they from the US or overseas.

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