Video: Liberals mindlessly sign petition admitting they’re zombies

Are there really that many zombies in San Diego?

Conservative petition prankster Mark Dice, known for  taking to the boardwalks of coastal California to enlist support for various liberal causes, tried out a new one recently when he asked passersby to sign a petition stating in bold lettering “I am a zombie,” followed by text to prove people will sign anything.

Anything that includes a liberal pitch, anyway.

Mixing up his spiel to push causes dear to the liberal heart – solar energy, support for immigration reform, anti-racism measures and the like – Dice enticed more than a few people into signing a petition to get their support.

They thought they were proving they were the moral superiors to those conservative tea party groups they despise.

They were really just telling the world they’re zombies.

Did anybody catch on? Check out the video and find out – and have a few laughs while you’re at it.

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