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Jon Stewart mocks Obama for ‘total ignorance of what administration is doing’

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1charmin-bearComedian Jon Stewart, the man who played an indelible role in elevating Barack Obama in the eyes of many Americans, now seems to be making a career out of mocking the president.

On Monday night’s “Daily Show,” Stewart really went after Obama for being out of the loop on so many issues, saying “there appear to be very few loops he’s in.”

This was in response to the revelation that Obama did not know of the NSA surveillance of various allies, including German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

“Does the president believe in surveillance fairies?” Steward asked in jest.

Stewart tells us that Obama is said to have been unaware of the Obamacare website problems before it was launched, comparing this to the Charmin bear discovering what people actually do with toilet paper.

In reference to the “total ignorance of what the administration is doing,” he then brings in Jessica Williams, who explains that Obama doesn’t “want to” be out of the loop, they just “don’t want to bum him out.”

In saying he’s a “very sensitive man,” Williams suggests that Obama thinks gun control has passed and that Guantanamo was shut down three years ago!

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