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Hostile crowd boldly squares off with police at Texas open carry rally

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arrest-octTwo members of the group Open Carry Texas were arrested at a gun-rights rally in Austin, Texas on Saturday for carrying “suspected deadly weapons.”

“The men were openly carrying suspected deadly weapons and were given the opportunity to leave the area, but refused,” Texas Department of Public Safety spokesperson Tom Vinger told the local CBS affiliate KBTX.

An Open Carry Texas spokesperson said the pistols the men carried were black powder replicas of pre-1899 revolvers and therefore exempt as firearms, KBTX reported.

“Two of our party members were carrying two pre 1899 black powder replica revolvers, they were holstered the whole time, they were never drawn or displayed rudely by any means,” Amanda Andeen said.

Open Carry Texas is an organization dedicated to the safe and legal carry of firearms openly in accordance with the U.S. and Texas Constitutions and any applicable laws, as stated on the groups website.

The men had been attending a Let’s Roll America protest at the capitol and were arrested for criminal trespass.

The protest followed up on last week’s “Come and Take It San Antonio!” rally at the Alamo. An event intended to draw attention to a right Texans already have — to carry long arms publicly so long as they don’t do it in a menacing manner, the Dallas Morning News reported.

*Viewer warning, video contains crude language.

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