DHS preparing for alarming possibility of riots November 1st

waffleiron riot

Walmart shoppers riot over waffle irons in 2011.
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Fox Business Network’s Neil Cavuto recently reported on such an alarming scenario that the Department of Homeland Security has spent $80 million preparing to counter.

According to Cavuto, DHS has ramped up security at federal buildings across the country, including in New York City, to prepare for potential Greece-like riots this Friday, Nov. 1.


Cuts in food stamp benefits go into effect, and the federal government is truly concerned about a wave of violence from citizens “whose entitlements are threatened.”

Nigel Innis from Teaparty.net joined Cavuto to discuss the ramifications of what happens when a society so dependent on entitlements eventually finds those benefits curbed.

Recalling the recent gluttonous shopping frenzy at two Louisiana Walmart stores during the Electronic Benefit Transfer card outrage, riots by angry, entitlement-dependent people may very well result in what Cavuto called “All hell breaks loose day.”

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Watch the full discussion here via YouTube:

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60 thoughts on “DHS preparing for alarming possibility of riots November 1st

  1. Socialized Welfare says:

    Cool…when does the looting start?……wait……flash mob at the piggly wiggly at 9am friday….

  2. michaelh613 says:

    Their will be no riots against Obama and the democrats. The rioters will burn down their own neighborhoods expecting the government to rebuild them and expensive high class homes. Paid for by taxes on those people silly enough to get jobs.

    Rioters will directed to Republican areas to riot and the police will be out in force to arrest any resident who uses a gun to defend their property. Jews of course will be major targets with Al Sharpton leading the pogroms.

  3. Jerry says:

    It will be a good idea if those useless savages don’t riot and loot around me.

    1. Derk73 says:

      Watch out! We’ve got a badass over here!

      1. Jerry says:

        Not a bad as*. Just protecting what little I have. You sound like someone who would participate in rioting and looting.

  4. Derk73 says:

    This entire article is absolute bulls**t – Cavuto took NSA spending numbers and then totally made up what the spending was for. The $80 million IS for security spending, but is in NO way connected to food stamp cuts.

    When the ONLY news sites reporting something are the most extreme spin sites (whether conservative OR liberal), it’s a safe bet it’s bulls**t. Stop being so gullible, people

  5. EliseR says:

    It’s Nov. 1. Where are the riots?

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