Creepy Uncle Sam back in new Halloween Obamacare horror ad

Those Creepy Uncle Sam ads are back — this time with a Halloween theme aimed at the millions of young, healthy people Obamacare needs to con out of their money to make the whole Ponzi game float.

unclesam1028Produced by Generation Opportunity, the new ad reprises the oversize Uncle Sam character who showed up at inopportune times and places during gynecology or proctology exams in earlier adventures.

The ad introduces a new character, too, a mustachioed, hard-charging and charmingly sleazy  Obamacare salesman named Ted Teddingsly, who – spoiler alert – turns out to be with the IRS! (Creepiest line: “Your mom already likes me on Facebook.”)

The whole thing is worth watching for laughs alone, which means Obama’s minions are going to hate it even more than the earlier batch.

And they hated those earlier ads. The number of “dislikes” for the gynecology ad, for instance, outnumbered the “likes” by about 4,500 to 3,300. Think that happened without an organized campaign? Of course not.

Check out the video here. Really, it’s tough not to like.

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