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60 Minutes: Benghazi ‘a well planned assault’ by al-Qaida

Benghazi attack
Photo Credit: Breitbart

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In what may prove to be a devastating blow to the Obama administration, “60 Minutes” aired Sunday night the most in-depth, personal account yet of the terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya.

In contradicting early statements from the White House, CBS reveals that the American compound was “attacked by al-Qaida in a well planned assault.”

A British security official using the pseudonym Morgan Jones, who was there and witnessed the attack, spoke on camera of accurately predicting that the Libyan militia force hired to protect the compound would not stand and fight.

Green Beret Commander, Lieutenant Colonel Andy Wood, was one of the top American security officials in Libya. He warned Ambassador Stevens that “you are going to be attacked… they are in their final planning stages.”

Contradicting the White House again, 60 Minutes reported how al-Qaida said in an online post months earlier that they would attack the Red Cross, the British and then the Americans, which is precisely what happened in that very order.

In a very compelling moment, Deputy Chief of Mission Gregory Hicks, who was in Tripoli as the attack took place, was asked if it was tough to understand that help was not coming.

“We…, for us, for the people that go out onto the edge, to represent our country, we believe that if we get in trouble, they’re coming to get us,” Hicks said. “That our back is covered. To hear that it’s not, it’s a terrible, terrible experience.”

Other than Fox News, CBS has been the only network to take a hard look at Benghazi and Sunday’s report is likely the most personal account to date of what happened that fateful night.

Perhaps now, the American people will take interest.

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Tom Tillison


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