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SNL open: Sebelius’ hilarious tips for navigating ‘sucking’ website

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Keeping up its record as one of the few popular comedy shows that never drank the Obama Kool Aid, Saturday Night Live this week opened with a biting satire of Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius touting alternatives to the Obamacare website a month into the system’s disastrous rollout.

Opening with “friendly tips” to handle Healthcare.gov – (No. 1, turn off your computer and turn it back on again), actress Kate McKinnon’s Sebelius lampooned one of the administration’s lies from early October – that the website had been overwhelmed by its own popularity.

sebelius1027“Millions of Americans are visiting Healthcare.gov,” “Sebelius” said. “Unfortunately, the system was designed for only six users at a time.”

As an alternative, “Sebelius” suggested backup sites offering the same service in other languages, like Icelandic, booking trips to Canada to purchase prescription drugs cheaper, or just watching medical porn to pass the time (“Doctors Without Boundaries” has a certain cheap cachet.)

She also suggested accessing BitTorrent to download “healthcare-related movies, like ‘Patch Adams.’”

Near closing, “Sebelius” moved to frequently asked questions about Obamacare, ending with: “Who the government?”

Considering that the average SNL audience tracks pretty closely to a segment of voter Obama tends to attract, it will be interesting if at some point they remember, “We are.”

The real Sebelius is expected to testify in front of a congressional hearing this week, which won’t be funny but should be illuminating. If it’s illuminating enough, the country might be looking for a new Health and Human Services soon — and SNL might need a new impersonator.

In the meantime, check out McKinnon here.

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