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Punchline: Now Obamacare failure is all Jon Stewart’s fault

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Is Jon Stewart the death of Obamacare?

Only if the country dies laughing.

But the famously liberal comedian has been doing real harm to the President Obama’s “signature” issue by treating it as a joke, panelists said on Fox News on Sunday.

jonstewart1027“He has made Obamacare a punch line for America,” Fox News contributor Lauren Ashburn told “Media Buzz” host Howard Kurtz.

“What’s striking about this is he has been so critical of Republicans—everyone knows he’s very liberal—and of Fox News in particular. His statistics on the demographics of his show are really what make this important,” Ashburn said.

Ashburn pointed out that 40 percent of Stewart’s viewers are30 and younger – exactly the group Obamacare needs to be willing to get conned into buying health insurance they don’t need to pay and will likely never see the good of.

(They’re also the same group that voted in such large numbers for Obama. It will be interesting to see if they’re money goes where their “idealism” did. When money and idealism clash inside the same breast, idealism rarely wins.)

Comedy Central, of course, isn’t the only place spinning comedy gold out of the ineptitude of Obamacare. “Saturday Night Live” opened with a parody over the weekend of Kathleen Sebelius explaining the failure of Healthcare.gov, for instance.

Does that kind of public mockery mean Sebelius’s days are numbered?

“The only person who’s gotten fired yet over this Obamacare fiasco a 1-800 operator,” the Blazes Amy Holmes said, referring to an Obamacare hotline worker fired for speaking to Fox host Sean Hannity on the air last week.

“Somebody needs to take the fall for this,” Ashburn said.

That’s true, unfortunately, that somebody isn’t running for re-election.

Stewart might have made Obamacare a punch line, but he wasn’t the one who sold the joke.

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