Alan Grayson turns on MSNBC host, says he is collaborating with tea party

Just when you think Alan Grayson can’t get any more bizarre, he goes on the pro-Obama cable network MSNBC and accuses the host of collaborating with the tea […]

SNL open: Sebelius’ hilarious tips for navigating ‘sucking’ website

Keeping up its record as one of the few popular comedy shows that never drank the Obama Kool Aid, Saturday Night Live this week opened with a […]

Obama Drone rally
‘Stop Watching Us’ rally in DC pulls off the impossible

Rarely do political opposites agree on much, but groups from all across the political spectrum came together Saturday at the Stop Watching Us rally in Washington, D.C., to […]

Saudi women driving
Saudi women protest female driving ban – by driving

Despite the threat of arrest, women in Saudi Arabia took to the streets to protest the ban prohibiting women  from driving – by getting behind the wheel. Women […]

Megyn Kelly confronts pompous Obamacare architect on epic failure

Megyn Kelly took one of the architects of the Affordable Care Act, grilling him on the president’s role in the fiasco. In her Friday “The Kelly Files,” […]