Judge Jeanine: ‘Man up Mr. President . . . give me a damn waiver!’

Fox News host Jeanine Pirro is so astounded by the HealthCare.gov debacle, she asked whether the Obama administration had consulted Punxsutawney Phil to come up with the six-week extension.

Rather than giving Americans a 42-day reprieve, Pirro suggested Americans get what they really want — “a damn waiver.”

“Do what you do for yourself, federal employees, Congress and your union friends,” she said on her “Justice with Judge Jeanine” show (WHEN??).

Of the problems plaguing HealthCare.gov, Pirro said, “Mr. President, if you can get our phone records, listen to our conversations, get our passwords, read our email, see our pictures, track our social media and do the same to friendly world leaders … why can’t you get a website to work for your signature legislation?”

There are numerous instances where Obama administration officials lied to the public, Pirro said, suggesting the whole nightmare may have come down to money. Like others before her, Pirro questioned whether the project was improperly influenced by the first lady’s relationship with a senior vice president at CGI, the company “that got the no-bid contract to build the Obamacare website.”

In the end, all the American people want is what the president promised and can’t seem to deliver — to be able to keep their health plan and their doctors, she said.

Watch the video from Fox News.

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