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Rubio backs off comprehensive immigration reform; supports piecemeal

Gang of eight
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In an appearance Friday morning on CNN, U.S. Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla., backed away from the comprehensive immigration reform bill he helped shape as a member of the “Gang of Eight.”

When asked if he would be open to a piecemeal approach, Rubio said, “That was my original position and continues to be my preferred option because I just think we’ll get a better result that way and I think we’ll get a result that way.”

Rubio said he backed the comprehensive bill passed in the Senate so he could influence the process, but believes a piecemeal approach is “ideal.”

“I think when you try to do anything big in Washington, it ends up running into headwinds,” Rubio explained. “That’s the direction the Senate went. I wanted to influence that process, so I got involved in it. But I continue to believe a series of sequential, individual bills is the best way, the ideal way to reform our immigration system.”

The battle has since moved to the House where Republican leadership is more interested in taking up a series of individual bills than passing the Senate bill.

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