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NSA website offline for hours, Anonymous claims it was hacked

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The National Security Agency website was offline for several hours Friday, but the agency denied claims by the “hacktivist” group Anonymous that it was hacked.

“NSA.gov was not accessible for several hours tonight because of an internal error that occurred during a scheduled update,” the agency said in a statement emailed to ABC News. “The issue will be resolved this evening. Claims that the outage was caused by a distributed denial of service [DDoS] attack are not true.”

ABC News described a “distributed denial of service” this way:

DDoS attacks are designed to flood a target website with traffic until the servers are overloaded and the site collapses. The cyber tactic is a relatively unsophisticated one and the attacks are not meant to penetrate the internal network of the target system.

An NSA spokesman told ABC News that the agency’s internal network was not compromised and that no classified information was in danger.

Meanwhile, Twitter was abuzz over who may have caused the site to go down.

nsa hacker tweet grp nsa hacker tweet 2 picRustle League appeared to take credit for the outage:

Anon news NSA hack

NSA hacker tweet

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