Gutfeld cracks up co-hosts; rips university for PC Halloween costume list

Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld brought chuckles all around with his rant on the absurdity of students being asked to choose politically correct Halloween costumes at the University of Colorado Boulder.

The only way to respond to such nonsense as the university’s request that students avoid offensive costumes, like cowboys and Indians, was to slam it as Gutfeld did when he opened “The Five” Friday.

“[The university] has asked students not to dress up in potentially offensive get-ups, including stuff linked to sex work. This is academic whimspeak for ‘please don’t dress like a sexy hooker and anger a lonely feminist with no plans for that night,’” he said.

“They also said ‘no to over sexualizing a culture,’” Gutfeld continued. “Well, there goes my Halloween. I just spent four weeks crocheting sexy Eskimo hot pants. I guess it’s back to being a goblin.”

Screen Shot 2013-10-26 at 9.20.01 AMHis co-hosts were already in stitches when he delivered the zinger: “Although I imagine being a goblin is offensive to the deceased – i.e. the MSNBC lineup.”

He went on blasting what he called “cower power” by schools and the politically correct efforts they resort to when issuing rules about “dumb fun” things like dressing up for Halloween.

Funny stuff, and funnier when the beautiful Kimberly Guilfoyle asked for those sexy Eskimo hot pants!

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In case you missed it, watch here via Fox News:

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