Fox News broadcasts moving life story of Charles Krauthammer

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Fox News ran an hour long documentary, “Charles Krauthammer – A Life that Matters,” late Friday that delves into the personal life of an intensely private man.

The effort should be required viewing for both fans and critics.

Charles Krauthammer is a highly respected Pulitzer Prize-winning syndicated columnist, a Fox News political commentator and physician. He is arguably the sharpest conservative mind in politics today.

Never one to dwell on himself, there is much about this man and his incredible life that people don’t know. Starting with the fact that he is paralyzed. The very moving documentary, hosted by friend and colleague Brett Baer, tells us that even Sean Hannity didn’t know that Krauthammer is confined to a wheelchair.

Baer takes us to that fateful day when Krauthammer’s life changed forever, to include his own vivid description of what happened — an incredibly captivating moment.

Many also do not know that Krauthammer is a former Democrat that worked as a speechwriter for Vice President Walter Mondale during his 1980 presidential campaign against some guy named Ronald Reagan. And it should come as no surprise that Reagan was a factor in Krauthammer’s evolution to conservatism.

Fox News posted a couple of short clips from Friday’s documentary, so enough of my ramblings, enjoy what is sure to be a few minutes of inspirational viewing.

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Tom Tillison


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