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Actress Bette Midler drags Ted Cruz’s wife into argument; gets schooled

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With the nation reeling from the nightmare that is Obamacare, actress Bette Midler launched into a Twitter slam using the wife of U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, the Republican from Texas who joined a few others in trying to save us all from the legislation. And who is the villain?

Midler tweeted Saturday:

Worse than her tasteless words is the insinuation that it’s somehow big news that Cruz – like the rest of Congress — is exempted from Obamacare.

After a few swift, sarcastic responses along the line of “how dare she work for a living,” a few focused tweeters pointed out the ignorance of Midler and her liberal sheep:

Here’s a news flash, Bette:

Cruz doesn’t want Obamacare for anyone and voted against the entire legislation. But if you want to blame someone for the exemption, look no further than Senate Democrats, who supported the law — and the exemption.

You can see more tweets on Twitchy.

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