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7-Eleven clerk fired for pulling gun on armed thief

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A St. Petersburg, Fla. 7-Eleven clerk working late at night was fired for using a firearm that he was legally permitted to carry in order to diffuse a store robbery. As a result of his actions, no one was hurt and the robbery was foiled.

Six-year employee Robert VanConett began carrying a gun to work after a series of armed robberies, according to Tampa’s CBS 10 News.

“It’s a little scary at times working overnight,” said VanConett.

CBS 10 reported:

October 12th it happened again. Security video shows a man approaching the counter, first attacking one of VanConett’s co-workers with a cup of hot coffee before pulling out a knife and going after the money. 

Knowing that “gun trumps knife,” VanConett drew his own weapon.

“I just wanted to get him out of the store and it worked,” said VanConett.
The suspect skedaddled out of the store and everyone was safe though shaken. But concealed carry permit or not, 7-Eleven didn’t see it that way and fired Robert for violating company policy.

“I was pissed off,” he admits. “I’d do it again. It was just the simple fact I’m not going to sit there and get stabbed or get cut or anything like that. The guy looked like he was on drugs or something.”

Citing numerous instances where convenience store clerks have been injured and even killed, VanConett hopes 7-Eleven will reconsider.

“You don’t want to pull it out or shoot anybody, but you don’t want to be sitting in there if they start shooting and have nothing.”

Watch the store security video of the incident.

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