Bette Midler
Actress Bette Midler drags Ted Cruz’s wife into argument; gets schooled

With the nation reeling from the nightmare that is Obamacare, actress Bette Midler launched into a Twitter slam using the wife of U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, the […]

Fisherman has catch snatched by crafty sea lion
Fisherman has catch snatched by crafty sea lion

This is one seriously slick sea lion.

New tool lets you see who’s spying on you on the Web

With concerns growing over online security, tech giant Mozilla announced the Oct. 25 release of Lightbeam, a tool that will “shine a light on the commercial organizations […]

White House in full smear mode

After the Obamacare insurance exchange debacle and looking ahead to yet another set of debt-ceiling negotiations, the Obama administration’s campaign of vilification and blame is in full […]

Journalist’s confidential files secretly taken by Feds during home raid

Federal authorities and Maryland state police conducted a suspicious Aug. 6 raid on the home of former investigative journalist Audrey Hudson and her husband, Paul Flanagan, according […]

USMC via Stars and Stripes
Marine Corps forced to clarify story Obama wants ‘girly’ uniform caps

The U.S. Marine Corps was forced to step in and clarify the story that swept the Internet last week about President Obama wanting manly men Marines to […]

Bill Young
Taxpayers pick up travel perk for lawmaker attending Florida funeral

U.S. House members are barred from enjoying the once favored perk of traveling on expensive military aircraft because of sequestration cuts. But not on Thursday when there was a […]

Like country music? Doesn’t matter, you paid for documentary anyway

Get that popcorn ready then sit back and watch For the Love of Music: The Story of Nashville.” Why not? You paid for it, even if you’ve […]

Fox News broadcasts moving life story of Charles Krauthammer

Fox News ran an hour long documentary, “Charles Krauthammer – A Life that Matters,” late Friday that delves into the personal life of an intensely private man. […]

Gutfeld cracks up co-hosts; rips university for PC Halloween costume list

Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld brought chuckles all around with his rant on the absurdity of students being asked to choose politically correct Halloween costumes at the University […]

Hang on to your candy: Creepy Uncle Sam is back

Hide that chocolate bar and toss those malted milk balls under the couch. Creepy Uncle Sam has some sticky fingers, and he wants your stuff. The freakish […]

Russell brand
The Five shreds superstar comedian for ridiculous radical rhetoric

Fox News Channel’s “The Five” took on the ridiculous statements British comedian Russell Brand made during a recent BBC interview in whicn he called for “a socialist […]