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Train passenger eavesdrops, live-tweets ex-NSA chief phone call bashing Obama

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The tables just turned on the former chief of the National Security Agency — the agency under fire for indiscriminately collecting metadata on all U.S. phone calls and recording conversations of the heads of state of our allied nations. Someone just spied on him.

Former NSA director Michael Hayden was overheard bashing the Obama administration on Amtrak’s Acela Express, which runs from Boston to Washington, D.C. The eavesdropper was progressive activist and fellow passenger Tom Matzzie during Hayden’s phone conversation with a reporter Thursday.

Hayden was giving background information to the unknown reporter at the other end of the line, which meant the reporter could directly quote the former spy chief, but not mention his name. Matzzie, as an eavesdropper, was under no such restriction and tweeted away.


But as it turned out, Hayden offered Matzzie an interview, but he instead requested and was granted a photo with the former spymaster. Mazzie added that although they disagreed on the Fourth Amendment, they parted on good terms.



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